Longdon Model Flying Club

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 AGM will be held at Longdon WI hall Friday 22nd of November 7:00 pm, same place as last year.  Same format as usual with collection of subscriptions followed by Chairman, Treasurer & secretary reports.  Then a discussion on the new legislation re:  requiring individual operator registration due by the end of November.

Latest information on the new legislation requiring registration and competence testing is still unclear, but the BMFA statement on the current situation can be viewed by clicking the link below

The most succinct summary of the implications for BMFA members I’ve found is:

    1) pay £9 to BMFA at renewal time, sometime before Jan 2020.

    2) For non-holders of  an ‘A’ or ‘B’ certificate; a BMFA multiple choice test, or the CAA online test (both yet to go live).

     3) sticker with operators number (issued by the CAA) on or inside each airframe.


Club subscriptions will remain unchanged with senior renewal being £50.

The BMFA will set the 2020 subscriptions at their AGM on 16th November.  I don’t know of any proposed increase in the BMFA fees but I would not be surprised by a small increase.

For those who want to join the BMFA through the club the total fees will be £50 plus the BMFA subscription. If the rules for Operator registration remain the same I will also be able to collect the additional £9 to register with the DfT through the BMFA.  

  1. Paying the additional £9 through the club will be taken by the BMFA as permission to pass your details on to the DfT under the rules of GDPR.

Please feel free to bring any models or equipment that you wish to display or sell.